Tibition Internet Security Suite

Why Choose Tibition?

Easy to use
My primary goal in developing Tibition Internet Security Suite is to be easy to use.  Unlike other Internet Security Suites, Tibition will not worry you by telling you things that you don't need to know, other Internet Security Suites do this to remind you that they are there and doing their job but I don't see this as being neccessary.


I, like many other computer users hate it when I install an application and I see a significant slow-down in my computer's speed.  If at any point during development, I notice a decrease in my computer's performance I will not release the version until the problem is fixed!

Fast Antivirus Updates
An Antivirus program works only if it is updated reguarly.  Tibition Internet Security Suite's Antivirus component is based upon ClamAV.  According to this article, ClamAV was tested against two of the five top Antivirus programs and 77% of the time, ClamAV was updated to handle a new virus threat before the other two programs.